DOOR-WAHDEK is a sociocultural project to revisit the Medina of Tunis. As an urban ensemble, the Medina of Tunis is listed since 1979 as a UNESCO World Heritage: “With its souqs, its urban fabric, its residential quarters, monuments and gates, this ensemble constitutes a prototype among the best conserved in the Islamic world.

DOOR-WAHDEK networks intellectuals, creatives and locals in the Medina. Jointly, they reflect on cultural heritage and its impact on present and future days. At the core of the discussion is the impact of cultural heritage in personal life, socio-cultural activities and societal contexts.

DOOR-WAHDEK seeks to find new approaches to understand and profit from the outstanding values of the Medina of Tunis present in daily life. Cultural heritage is one of the essentials of Tunisian identity but often stuck in standards and traditions. DOOR-WAHDEK fosters research and public debate to render visible the properties and qualities of the Medina of Tunis with means of the 21st Century.

DOOR-WAHDEK aims to foster the public debate on the interplay of cultural heritage and digital transformation, democratic culture and sustainable development. In workshops and roundtables, site visits and critical debates, the DOOR-WAHDEK community develops texts to read, photo and film essays to see and online tools to navigate in the Medina.

DOOR-WAHDEK supports the exploration of digital media and online tools to generate new materials and new ways to read the past and care for the future. This webzine _ the DOORzine _ is the online resource hub for information, ongoing discussion and engagement in and for the Medina of Tunis. It is a window to ongoing discussions and activities and grants access to communities that shape the contemporary Medina.